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Color Fun

Welcome to the Color Playground! This section features fun, interactive utilities that illustrate the many dimensions of 3D color. Play with each of the following to increase your understanding of color and the COLORCUBE model. Most of the play areas are staged from beginner to advanced levels. Have a great time and feel free to suggest more utilities by contacting us directly.

Paintbox Color Paintbox - Mix your own combinations of primary colors! Did you know that all 64 colors in the COLORCUBE are made with only 3 primary colors? Now, with the addition of black and white, we challenge you to make all of the colors of the rainbow and more...

Slides Color Slides - Dissect a series of full color images into the various dimensions of color. You will instantly begin to understand the inner workings of your eye, cameras/computer screens and color printers. Combine the dimensions of color to make complete pictures.

Assistant Color Assist - Click and change the color of almost any aspect of these images. It's almost like a reusable coloring book or instant custom painter! Experiment with this preview to the COLORCUBE Color Assistant and choose the best color combinations like a true artiste.

Layered Puzzles Layered Puzzles - Challenge yourself with this puzzle which features multiple layers of the same image. The idea is to match all of the swatches with each other to make a uniform picture. These puzzles test your ability to judge the differences in similar images.

Scramble Puzzles Scramble Puzzles - So you think you know color? Test your ability to find the correct order of colors according to patterns found throughout the COLORCUBE Model. The sequence of color is obvious, or is it? Start here to get the hang of it and advance through over 20 puzzles!

Color Graphs Graphs and Puzzles - Preview the Color Command Console and navigate the COLORCUBE. See every interior space of the model that you can imagine. Get explanations for what you are seeing and learn to understand the colorspace. "Puzzle Maker" function coming soon.


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