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Color Graph and Puzzle Maker

Get an in-depth look at the COLORCUBE model from the inside out. If you are familiar with the COLORCUBE puzzle, which is a 4x4x4 matrix, can you imagine a cube of infinite colors? We challenge you to move through the 3D cube in two dimensions. See the pattern of saturation, hue and lightness. Don't be afraid to experiment. And then make it a puzzle.

Instructions: Click anywhere on left graph to display color. Use the arrows to see different graphs. The text below the graph provides a brief description of what you are seeing. Use the plus/minus (+/-) to move back and forth along the displayed graph. Check the glossary for clarification on terms.

Puzzle Maker: Press "Make Puzzle" to scramble the image, which will appear in puzzle format on the right. Solve this puzzle according to the instructions in Color Scrambles. Sort these colors according to the pattern shown in the top and side bars. Simply click a stripe in the box and it will move to the next place you click. Continue to sort and monitor your score, which indicates how many correct placements you have. You will be notified when you complete the puzzle. Click "Hint" for a 3 second peek at the solution. Click "Solve" if you give up. Click "New" for a new puzzle of simliar difficulty.

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