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Find out where the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is sold to retail customers! Hyperlink to other color sites! Learn more about color and its impact on us!

Retail Stores. We have listed below the retail specialty toy stores that have the COLORCUBE on display and for sale. Contact Spittin' Image Software for an updated list.

Business Associates. Our affiliation with these companies has allowed the COLORCUBE to come to market and flourish. We are proud to call them friends.

Bibliography. Locate the sources of color information that was used in our written material and scientific documentation.

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Retail Outlets that carry the COLORCUBE: 3D Puzzle

Click here to order the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle. Or to see the product on display, visit the fine specialty toy stores listed below. Look for this display and package.

USA Locations: USA Locations: USA Locations:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery Chapman Brothers Office The Art Store
Buffalo, NY (716) 882-8700 Eugene, OR (541) 686-1333 New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Art Beat Exploratorium Los Angeles, CA
Arlington, MA (781) 646-2200 San Francisco, CA (415) 561-0391 Pasadena, CA
Berkeley, CA
Little Dickens Flax Art and Design Los Angeles, CA
Lynchburg, VA Brisbane, CA (415) 468-7530 San Diego, CA
Oakland, CA
National Gallery of Art Goods of Evanstan
Washington, DC Evanstan, IL (847) 864-0001 Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
Stamford, CT
Pearl Paint Co. Toy Joy Farmington, CT (860) 561-5336
Fort Lauderdale, FL Austin, TX (512) 320-0090 Atlanta, GA (404) 264-1424
Columbus, OH (614) 221-7886
Age of Reason Math N Stuff Short Hills, NJ (973) 376-4466
Westport, CT (203) 226-8199 Seattle, WA (206) 522-8891 New York, NY (212) 614-3000
New York, NY (212) 268-7266
Avanso University of Oregon Bookstore Manhasset, NY (516) 627-7474
Miami, FL (305) 661-0638 Eugene, OR (541) 346-4348 New York, NY (212) 923-3700
New York, NY (212) 332-1380
Sci Trek Tout About Toys Los Angeles, CA (310) 552-0905
Atlanta, GA Foster City, CA (800) 598-1523 Pasadena, CA (818) 793-8618
Costa Mesa, CA (714) 435-9160
Smithsonian Museum Shops Wishbone Denver, CO (303) 320-8615
Newington, VA SE CA (415) 242-5540 Houston, TX (713) 629-1515
Museum of Science and Industry Fortworth Museum of Science COSI Science 2 Go
Tampa, FL Fortworth, TX (817) 255-9316 Columbus, OH (614) 228-2674
Toledo, OH (419) 244-2674
Milwaukee Art Museum Powells Books
Milwaukee, WI (414) 224-3210 Portland, OR (503) 249-1950 Learning is Fun
Las Vegas, NV (702) 876-5437
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of San Francisco Albuquerque, NM
Hartford, CT (860) 278-2670 San Francisco, CA (415) 357-4042 Phoenix, AZ
Spokane, WA
Zero Wampum Tech Museum of Innovation
Wakefield, RI (401) 789-7172 San Jose, CA (408) 795-6277
Richland Academy of the Arts San Jose Museum of Art
Mansfield, OH (419) 522-8224 San Jose, CA (408) 271-6867
Edunation Bellvue Art and Frame
Albuquerque, NM (505) 899-0800 Bellvue, WA (425) 453-8959
Moon and Sixpence Academic Toolbox
Newton, MA (617) 969-6450 Washington State
Puzzlebox Shop for Science
Madison, WI (608) 251-0701 St. Louis Museum, MO
The Pillbox Pharmacy Teachers' Store
East Hampstead, NH (603) 382-6224 West Plains, MO (417) 256-8488
Henry Bears Park
Cambridge, MA (617) 868-0549
The Fun Place
Lahska, PA (215) 794-0200
Burlington, NC (336) 229-5656
Cracker Jacks
Skillman, NJ
Science Hobbies
Charlotte, NC (704) 367-2215
Westside Kids
New York, NY (212) 496-7282
Canadian Locations: Canadian Locations: Canadian Locations:
Science WorldGift Shop Vancouver Art Gallery - Gift Shop Capilano College - Bookstore
1455 Quebec Street 750 Hornby Street 2055 Purcell Way
Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia North Vancouver, BC
Art-Topia Exsciting Worlds Kwantlen Univ. College - Bookstore
#101 - 440 W. Hastings Street 2022 Park Royal South Surrey, Richmond campuses
Vancouver, BC West Vancouver, BC 12666-72nd Ave Surrey
(604)685-9100 (604)925-3563
Natural Heritage Shop The Toybox
2805 - 27th Street 3002 W. Broadway
Vernon, BC V1T 4W3 Vancouver, BC
(250)542-4367 (604)738-4322
It's All Fun and Games The Crow's Nest
1417 Commercial Drive Box 940, 205 Main Street
Vancouver, BC Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0
(604)253-6727 (250)726-4214
Sirius Science & Nature Decorworld Paint & Wallpaper
Picadilly Mall 4507 - 27th Street
#219-1151 Tenth Avenue S.W. Vernon BC V1T 4Y7
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1T3 (250)542-1444
Sirius Science & Nature P.G. Hobby Centre
Thompson Park Mall 695 Central Street
#9-450 Lansdowne Street Prince George, BC V2M 3C6
Kamloops, BC V2C 1Y3
Sirius Science & Nature Playful Learning
Village Green Mall 281 Oliver Street
#760-4900 27th Street Williams Lake, BC V2G 1M2
Vernon, BC V1T 7G7
Sirius Science & Nature Through the Looking Glass
Orchard Park Shopping Centre 305 Baker Street
#975-2271 Harvey Avenue Nelson, BC V1L 4H6
Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H2 (250)352-3913
Sirius Science & Nature ICI Canada
277 Main Street 4309 - 27th Street
Penticton, BC V2A 5B1 Vernon, BC V1T 4Y5
(250)770-1477 (250)545-3212
Sirius Science & Nature Arizona Gift Gallery
4194 Fourth Avenue 232 Port Augusta Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1J8 Comox Centre Mall
(867)668-2875 Comox BC V9M 3N1
International Locations: International Locations:
Nature's Window Fobbia Designs
Melford, Auckland, New Zealand Santiago, Chile
Colorful Country Creation
Dededo, Guam

The Color Bibliography

The COLORCUBE project has led us through a very colorful path. Many of the sources that were accessed while building this website are listed here. We recognized the work put forth by these authors and invite you to visit them as you unravel the mystery of 3D color.

The Science of Color

  1. The International Color Consortium (ICC)
  2. Color Management: Current Practice and the Adoption of a New Standard
  3. The Munsell System of Color Notation
  4. Through the 6x6x6 Color Cube - An Interactive Voyage
  5. Discover an advanced course on color at MacColour Ltd. Learn the principles of using color for communication in web pages, in computer graphics and in digital imaging.
  6. A historical review of Color Vision Research.
  7. Conversions among 18 different color spaces are possible with CGSD Corporation's Color Science Library.
  8. sRGB: New terminology for defining a standard color space.
  9. Check out these frequently asked questions about color.
  10. The Reproduction of Colour. Fourth edition. R.W.G. Hunt. Fountain Press, 1987.
  11. Color Science: Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae. Gunter Wyszecki, W.S. Stiles. John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 1982.

The Art of Color and other "Cube related sites

  1. Courtesy of one of our visitors and customers, this site let's you name all the colors on the web-safe palette.
  2. Color Theory made easy. A new approach to color theory and how it applies... Jim Ames. Watson-Guptill, 1996.
  3. Color Harmony 2. A guide to creative color combinations. Bride M. Whelan. Rockport Publishers, 1994.
  4. This site features its own animated Color Cubes and explanation for how to use color on the Internet.
  5. See 3D color with these various Color Cubes.
  6. See the Netscape Color Cube in interactive 3D using Quicktime VR.
  7. Choose color with a 3D applet.
  8. Get some more free screensavers at these sites:  Free Site!

"Color Illusion" sources

  1. The Color PC - Production Techniques. Marc D. Miller, Randy Zaucha. Haden Books, 1995.
  2. Color Appearance Models. Mark D. Fairchild. Addison Wesley Longman Inc., 1998.
  3. Using Computer Color Effectively. L.G. Thorell and W.J. Smith. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1990.

Business Associates

Others who deserve credit for the launch of the COLORCUBE Project.

  1. Ikoso Kits - Home of the famous Buckey Ball and other construction kits.
  2. Aeon Pacific Manufacturing - Plastic Injection Molding and post-product handling.
  3. Mag-Pye Sales - Canadian distributors
  4. Quality Colours - Plastic resin manufacturers and color matchers.
  5. Image Maker Development - sister company and related product line.

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