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Introducing the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle!

COLORCUBE Icon COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle - $29.99USD + shipping. A super puzzle that is part construction toy, part teaching tool! Build a color matrix in three dimensions and learn about the many relationships of color. Over a billion possible combinations, but only one true harmonious solution, COLORCUBE is a puzzler's dream (or nightmare!) Suitable for ages 10-110.
Each kit contains:
  • 128 colored pieces - match the color pairs and construct 64 - 1" cubes; all made from high quality polystryrene plastic.
  • 48 connecting rods - reinforced nylon rods (approx. 9" in length); each holds 4 cubes.
  • Instructional poster - 12 steps to understand digital color and the logic behind the COLORCUBE model.

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COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is an exciting new product that is an eye-teasing puzzle, interactive game and construction toy all rolled into one. The challenge involves:

  1. Matching up the color pairs (2 of every cube)
  2. Putting the colors in the correct 3D order
  3. Building the hand-held model (finished size is approx. 9" cubic)

Here is a preview of the puzzle assembly. These hints will not interfere with the challenge and fun of figuring out the 3-dimensional order of the 64 colors.


1. Click the cubes together - for each half there is only one other perfect color half.

 Click the Cubes

2. Attach the cubes to the rods, which use a "turn and click" mechanism.

Cubes on Rods

3. Place the colors in the most harmonious order.

Walls of Color 

Are you ready to take on the COLORCUBE? (Secret instructions and free color poster featuring "Color Basics and the COLORCUBE" with every purchase.)

Suitable for ages 10 to 110. Made in Canada.

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