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Color Assistant

Thanks to the COLORCUBE Color Assistant, we are able to alter images with a click of a mouse. Preview the software with the utility below and purchase the full version from this link. Develop your own "what if" scenarios for the images listed below. The Color Assistant helps you visualize images using different colors than in the original. Have fun mixing it up. Make your worst imaginable color combinations, improve the color coordination of the image and/or learn about how to manipulate the dimensions of color. Here are a couple of examples of altered images. (The original image is on the left and the doctored images are on the right.)

Original Altered 1
Altered 2

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Instructions: Advanced options:
  • The mask diagram (bottom right) indicates the regions of the image that you can change.
  • Select an area to change on either the mask or the image by clicking directly on it.
  • Choose a color in the color graph (top right).
  • Click on image area to be affected or press "Apply."
  • Notice the color change to the selected region.
  • Press "Revert" to undo the last action.
  • Press "Revert All" to return to initial version of  image.
  • The color graph (top right) can be altered with the arrow keys and scroll bar. Please refer to the Color Graph for help in using these selectors. This graph gives you access to virtually every color you can imagine.
  • The buttons above the image are for "Hue, Saturation and Lightness/Value" adjustments. Scroll through changes in color manually ("+/-" buttons) or automatically ("Auto" checkbox).
  • Below the image, each of these dimensions can be made invisible with the various checkboxes.
  • Coming soon! Make and upload your own image and mask! All you need is any JPEG image with an appropriate MASK. Contact our development department for assistance.

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