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Color Analyser: Unraveling the Secrets behind Color

Color Analyser Icon COLORCUBE Color Analyser. Deconstruct any image and learn the fascinating truth behind color. View 24 bit color images in any or all of the "11 Dimensions of Color". Study how things look in terms of: red, green, blue; cyan, magenta, yellow; hue, value, saturation, chroma and luminance.

Understanding complex color systems is easier when what-we-see is broken down into simpler parts. The Color Analyser can help you:

  • to discover how our eyes can detect minute differences in similar images,
  • to determine why some color combinations work and some don't, and
  • to communicate effectively when discussing color.

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Example A


Amplify hues to create funky patterns and "extreme" colorations.

"Extreme" normal "Extreme" hue

Example B

La Joconde - Mona Lisa

Dissect Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece and discover its true nature. The secrets that this tool reveals will surprise you. 

"Mona Lisa" normal "Mona Lisa" chroma

Example C

Ice Dancer

Ever wonder what happens when images are compressed? Take images, like the one on the right, and find out why some computer memory formats such as JPEG are much more economical that BMP formats.

Fig. C1 - JPG Image (original)






Fig. C2 - BMP format (enhance)






Fig. C3 - JPG format (enhance)

"Skater" normal "Skater" bitmap "Skater" jpeg


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