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Color Slides

Ever wonder how images are constructed? Well, this webpage will give you tremendous insight! There are three common ways of making an image appear in full color.

  1. The human eye sees things in "hues, saturation and lightness". See the glossary for definitions of these terms.
  2. Anytime projected light makes color, such as in computer monitors and television, the model is RGB (red, green, blue).
  3. CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) and sometimes black inks are used to make color that is printed, dyed or paint. This type of coloring reflects light and allows us to see color.

This utility allows you to compare all three systems of color. Have fun making sense of it all. There are several images to deconstruct. Please try them all!

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Visual Color System (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) Instructions: Use all three color systems (Visual-HSL,  Additive-RGB, Subtractive-CMY). Click on slide tabs to move images and watch how the dimensions interact. These slides act like transparencies on an overhead projector. This gives a good idea of how we can manipulate images using their base elements. Use the buttons below to see other images or to reset.

Additive Color System (Red, Green, Blue)
Subtractive Color System (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

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