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Color Model Museum

This exhibit of color representation models and diagrams date back to the 16th Century! Compiled by F. Gerritsen, this collection of color models shows the extensive thought and theory that has surrounded the phenomenon of color.

As you will see, the majority of these models are thematic around basic geometric shapes. Circles, which later become spheres, seem to be the most popular and prevalent. Triangles are also used fairly extensively as they evolve into intricate cones and pyramids. Square and cubic models, however, have drawn an increasing amount of attention as a means of mapping out visual color spaces.

Other models of significance in the diagrams below are the Munsell Spheres and the CIE diagrams which are, each in their own right, the standards by which color is generally measured.

We hope you enjoy seeing and contemplating how others have tried to understand color. If you have any comments or insight to share as to these models' value and significance, please feel free to send us a message.

What do you picture when you envision color?

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Della Porta Aguilonius Kircher
Newton Waller Lambert
Goethe Runge Herschel
Chevreul Schreiber Maxwell
Wundt Von Bezold Rood
Hofler Titchener Wundt
Ebbinghaus Munsell Rood
Munsell Ostwald Klee
Boring Pope CIE
Mac Adam/Rosch Johansson Hickethier
CIE Hesselgren Luther-Nyberg
Hard Kuppers Gerritsen


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